About Experience Electric

Well a few words about me....

I'm a 40 yr old female, living near London in the UK. I first started up my website for SKIN back in 2001.

I've been a fan of SKIN since Feb 1992. When I first saw them they were called Phoenix (and then Bad For Good, Taste & Obsession). I used to run SKIN's official Fan Club, so it seemed the logical subject for my site! The site's name is of course taken from SKIN's 1997 album. Since Skin reformed I have been on tour with them selling their merchandise, as well as doing merch and the website for Red White & Blues.
I also have another site for my mother who is an author...she's recently had her third novel published - check out my links page!!
Please also check out Red White & Blues website - Myke Gray's new band with Matti Alfonzetti!

Experience Electric website by Joe Black

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